Sarah Lawson

Sarah has been dancing at ABDA since the very start! She was in the company from season 1 until she graduated in 2019. Here at ABDA, she graciously represented the state of PA as a company dancer at the international Dance Excellence festival in California. She was also given the opportunity to tour the US with Bella Moxi via the Andre Fuentes Scholarship. While learning from Miss Angela, Miss Gabby, Miss Alexa, Miss Makenzie, and others, she also made lifelong friendships and was given the best possible skills for success in her future dance endeavors. She moved to NYC right away post-grad and continued training at The Institute for American Musical Theatre (2 year program). Here she dances, sings, acts, and performs 9-5 Mon-Sat under the incredible direction of Broadway professionals such as: Andrew Drost, Nicholas Cunningham, Michael Minarik, Marni Raab, Jenni Florkowski, Lindsay Lancaster, Ricky Hinds, Christine Cornish Smith, Cameron Adams, and so many more. During her free time in New York, she trains at Broadway Dance Center & Steps. She has taught contemporary, ballet, jazz, and predance at ABDA and Passmore Dance. She is so passionate about dance and cannot wait to share that love with others while she is home in Delco!