Positive, Inspirational and Quality Dance Training
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Company Philosophy, Level Placement and Rate of Progress
The ABDA Dance Company is designed to provide dancers with opportunities beyond the four walls of the studio. In other words, to inspire, motivate, challenge and enrich young lives. The Company is for dancers who want to enhance their dance training through performances, competitions and conventions. However, competition is not about winning. It is about striving to be the best YOU can be by setting reasonable goals and improving yourself as an individual.

Dancers will be placed in groups where we, the studio, decide is the best fit. We place “like” dancers together according to certain criteria (such as technique, strength, performance skills, professionalism, attitude, work ethic, teamwork, etc.) that the studio feels will allow the students to dance to the best of their ability.

Students learn at different rates from each other, they progress differently, and they often take different classes. Since the studio cannot predict how much an individual student will improve in relation to their classmates, we will have our staff evaluate each student throughout the year in classes, at competitions and at performances. For this reason, we will hold Company Auditions in early September.

Company Events
Each Group will perform in 2-3 competitions, participate in at least one convention, perform in local festivals and benefit performances, perform in our Holiday Show and end of the year Recital Performance. There are many other optional competitions and conventions dancers may attend on their own. There may also be other performances to add throughout the year.

Class Requirements

Mini/Junior I Company Dancers

  • Minimum Class Requirements - Weekday Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical plus any Weekend Company
  • Optional Classes that are highly recommended – Weekday Contemporary, Weekend Company
    Class, Stretch & Tech, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Pre-Pointe

Junior II Company Dancers

  • Minimum Class Requirements - Weekday Ballet, Jazz, Stretch & Tech, Lyrical and Wednesday Contemporary plus all Weekend Company Classes and Rehearsals.
  • Optional Classes that are highly recommended – 2nd Weekday Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Pointe/Pre-Pointe

Teen I & II Company Dancers

  • Minimum Class Requirements – Weekday Ballet, Jazz, Stretch & Tech, Lyrical and Wednesday Contemporary plus all Weekend Company Classes and Rehearsals.
  • Optional Classes that are highly recommended – 2nd Weekday Contemporary class, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Pointe

Senior Company Dancers

  • Minimum Class Requirements - Weekday Ballet, Jazz, Stretch & Tech, Lyrical and Wednesday Contemporary plus all Weekend Company Classes and Rehearsals.
  • Optional Classes that are highly recommended – Weekday 2nd Contemporary, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Pointe.

Attendance/Lateness Policy

  • Regular attendance creates team spirit and success!
  • Please be on time for all classes, rehearsals, and performances.
  • COMMUNICATE any and all delays, emergencies or absences as soon as possible. Telling a teacher or choreographer 5 minutes before you have to leave, is NOT acceptable. Notice should be given at the BEGINNING of the class or rehearsal or sooner if possible.
  • Never leave a class or rehearsal without being dismissed. This is for your safety and out of respect for your teacher and your peers.
  • Regular attendance at all classes is necessary for participation in the ABDA Dance Company.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to learn choreography from any missed class or rehearsal. Dancers are required to learn material that was missed, by the next class and/or rehearsal.
  • Please communicate any conflict with dates for upcoming performances/competitions.
  • September through December dancers may miss, arrive late, or leave early a TOTAL MAX of 4 regular weekday classes and 4 weekend company classes and rehearsals.
  • January through March dancers may miss, arrive late, or leave early a TOTAL MAX of 3 regular weekday classes and 2 weekend company classes and rehearsals.
  • April through June dancers may miss, arrive late, or leave early a TOTAL MAX of 3 regular weekday classes and 3 weekend company classes and rehearsals.
  • If you miss more than the max without extreme emergencies or injuries, you will be removed from your company routines.
  • If you suffer an injury, you will be required to attend all classes to walk thru routines or watch. You must be up and dancing full out at least 2 weeks BEFORE a performance or competition.
  • If you have a college visit conflict or SAT/school conflict, you must notify us in advance to see what is workable. If you have a medical emergency, you must also discuss this with us to see what is workable.

Health and Injuries
Please be certain you feel well when participating in classes or dance team activities. Dancing on MAJOR injuries or when emotionally upset not only affects one’s dancing but the spirit of the team as a whole. We want our dancers to work hard yet enjoy every aspect of their participation. Their health is more important than dance, and dancing through MAJOR injuries is not always wise.

  • The dancer agrees to report any injury occurring while in class, at rehearsal or at a performance immediately to their instructors as well as Studio Director, or whoever is in charge of them at the time. An injury report will be filled out in the office at the time of injury.
  • The dancer agrees to observe classes, rehearsals, and performances when recovering from any injury or illness if possible. The dancer/parent agrees to have written permission from the doctor before returning to classes, rehearsals, and performances after an absence from an injury even if they are returning with limitations.
  • The dancer agrees to report any injury occurring while engaged in a non-dance related activity. An injury report will be filled out by the parent to submit to the office.
  • The dancer/parent agrees to keep all contagious illnesses out of the dance studio. Please do not come to classes, rehearsals, and performances when extremely sick (such as high fever, vomiting or diarrhea)!
  • The dancer/parent agrees to inform the staff at ABDA of ANY personal issue that we should be sensitive to while the dancer is in our care.

Dress Code

All dancers must follow the dress code. For all Ballet and Pointe Classes – dancers must wear a leotard, pink/salmon tights, ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes and hair in a proper bun. They have the option of wearing a ballet skirt as well. For all Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary Modern, Contemporary and Tap classes – dancers must wear form fitted dance attire (such as a fitted top or leotard and fitted shorts, capris or leggings) and must have their hair completely pulled back in either a ponytail or bun. No baggy clothing.

Respect, Responsibility and Team Work
As a member of the ABDA Dance Company you represent yourself, your family, and the entire Angela Bates Dance Academy dance community. We applaud you for conducting yourself in a mature and responsible manner! Please refer the ABDA studio code of ethics listed on our website.

  • The dancer agrees to maintain academic grades that are acceptable to their parent's standards.
  • The dancer agrees to have proper hygiene and cleanliness at all times, and to abide by the dress code when required.
  • The dancer agrees to refrain from illegal and non-prescription drugs, steroids, or any other substance used to increase physical development, as well as consumption of alcohol, and use of tobacco.
  • The dancer agrees to keep their belongings organized and clean and to leave all areas in the same condition or better than they found it at classes, rehearsals, and performances.
  • If a company dancer is in a romantic relationship they agree to not have any public displays of affection at ABDA or at any ABDA outside event.
  • Any student or parent posting any comments on social media or demonstrating any behaviors that do not uphold the Code of Ethics will be held to account. A conference with the student and parent will address any and all issues that may arise.
  • Personal presentation is very important when working with a team. Please refrain from dying your hair unnatural colors, noticeable tattoos, unusual piercings, etc. You may be asked to cover these up if it creates a distraction or prevents us from looking like a unified team.
  • All dancers will treat each other, their parents and their teachers with the utmost respect. Never talk or act negatively to anyone. Use the golden rule, ‘If you have nothing nice to say, do not say it at all”. We want to keep the ABDA a positive and encouraging environment.

ABDA will try to keep costume costs as low as possible for Company routines. We may reuse costumes that we have in our inventory; we may reuse costumes from previous recitals/performances, and students may be required to donate their costumes from previous recitals or events for other students to wear; we may purchase new costumes; Students may wear the same costume, multiple times, over the span of several years. Students may also need to purchase small costume accessories or pieces such as earrings, dance shorts, tops, pants, etc.

We will send an email every Monday to communicate things weekly. You MUST read these each week! We also supply a calendar which lists all events, due dates, etc. Everyone will receive a contact sheet of ALL dancers in the entire company. In the lobby of the studio, there is a Company Board. It will list reminders and special notes for you to view daily.

Social Media Conduct
All dancers need to be wise and smart in the way they act, talk and write on social media and texts. Everyone needs to be kind. If someone is not being a team player, not following the rules of the studio and/or not conducting their behavior in a kind way they will be removed from the Company. Posting inappropriately on social media will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the Company.

Company Sisters
Each dancer will be given a sister for the season as a fun way to connect with a special friend. This will make Saturday Company Classes and events super awesome!

All events will have a required response form with a due date and an amount due. All company payments must be made separately from studio payments. Fees will be higher if forms are turned in after the due date.

Company Products
We will have certain optional studio and company apparel and products for the company to purchase. ALL company members will be required to purchase an ABDA Company Jacket. All dancers will also be required to wear and obtain their own performance rhinestone earrings, tights, shoes, and all hair and makeup accessories. We will give you details on which items to purchase and where to purchase them.

Hair, Makeup and Costumes
Please be conscientious about the care of your costumes, personal dance attire, costume pieces as required, and makeup. We look forward to our dancers looking polished and professional.

  • The dancer/parent agrees to take responsibility for all costumes, tights, shoes while in their care whether the property of the dancer or of ABDA.
  • The dancer/parent agrees to be prepared for all performances with all costume pieces and personal dance attire (i.e.; hair, makeup, tights, etc.…) as required and to arrive on time.
  • The dancer/parent agrees to immediately report to teacher any costume that is falling apart, has a broken piece, etc.
  • Dancers are requested to wear their ABDA Dance Company Jacket when attending outside conventions, competitions or events.

Concerns and Problems
If you ever have any concerns or problems, come and talk to us privately. Do not make your concern public.

Special Numbers
All dancers in the Company are eligible to do a special number (solo, duo, trio) to be performed at most competitions (but not all Conventions and NOT at the Recitals). Please refer to the Special Number Contract for specific details and pricing.