Positive, Inspirational and Quality Dance Training
5129 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073


Every class will have an IN-STUDIO & VIRTUAL option until further notice.

Please see our IN-STUDIO Covid-19 Safety Protocols link below. For those participating via VIRTUALY through zoom, here are some helpful tips and information:

  1. Make sure dancers have a large space for dancing. They should have a hard, smooth, surface to safely dance on. Contact us to help with ideas about proper dance flooring. A portable ballet barre or chair can be used for Ballet classes.
  2. Please give your dancer some privacy as they enjoy their dance classes. PLEASE assist younger ones with technology and keeping them focused.
  3. Don’t be late, wear appropriate dance attire & footwear, and make sure to use the restroom before class begins.
  4. Make sure you have a charger for your device and that it is always charged and ready.
  5. Make sure you have high speed internet to help give you the best connection.
  6. Keep your video ON at all times during the class but MUTE your audio. Unmute to ask questions or respond to your teachers.
  7. Do NOT use virtual backgrounds.
  8. Make the most of non-verbal communication, do not abuse the chat feature, and please give feedback.
  9. Treat your virtual class just like an in-studio class – dance full out, be respectful, ask questions, limit interruptions, etc.
  10. To log into your virtual classes, open the zoom app OR use zoom.us. Click on JOIN a MEETING.
    1. For all classes in STUDIO A – use the meeting ID # 610-325-2003 and password 5678.
    2. For all classes in STUDIO B – use the meeting ID # 538-437-5665 and password 5678.
    3. For all classes in STUDIO C – use the meeting ID # 681-421-4561 and password 5678.